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IJRR :: Articles :: 2020 Volume 16

IJRR Articles: 2020 Volume 16

Article 9:
Purgatory, Alms-Giving, and the Needs of the Dead
Author: Paul Delany (Simon Fraser University)

Article 8:
Gospels of Prosperity and Simplicity. Assessing Variation in the Protestant Moral Economy
Author: Maren Freudenberg (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) Martin Lutz (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Martin Radermacher (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Article 7:
Religion as Social Control: Parsons and Foucault
Author: James J. Chriss (Cleveland State University)

Article 6:
When Spiritual and Material Meet: Explaining Congregational Engagement in the Local Community
Author: Rebecca A. Glazier (University of Arkansas at Little Rock), Emilie Street (Clinton School of Public Service)

Article 5:
On Early Church Organization: An Economic Analysis of The Didache
Author: Cornelius Christian

Article 4:
Connected and Fragmented: Introducing a Social Network Study of Religious Congregations
Author: Jennifer M. McClure (Samford University)

Article 3:
The influence of religiosity and Muslim peers on the school performance of adolescents in the Netherlands, Germany, and England
Author: Dr. Susan Lee. (IMVR, University of Cologne)

Article 2:
Wisdom, Masculinity, and Health in the Book of Proverbs
Author: Kojo Okyere (University of Cape Coast, Ghana)

Article 1:
The "First Shall Remain the First" - Social Stratification and Calvinism
Author: Milan Zafirovski (University of North Texas)

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