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IJRR :: Articles :: 2023 Volume 19

IJRR Articles: 2023 Volume 19

Article 7:
Measuring Ethnodoxy in Egypt and Morocco
Author: Hannah M. Ridge, Ph.D. (Chapman University)

Article 6:
A Meta-Analysis: How to Best Foster the Success of African American and Latino Students with Disabilities and Those of Them in Special Education, the Place of Faith, and Other Factors
Author: William H. Jeynes, Ph.D. (California State University)

Article 5:
Saint Thomas in the East
Author: Daryn Graham, Ph.D. (Macquarie University)

Article 4:
Book Talk: Solidarity in a Secular Age: From Political Theology to Jewish Philosophy
Author: Author: Reviewer's Response: Martin Kavka (Florida State University) Author's Reply: Charles H. T. Lesch (2022, Oxford University Press)

Article 3:
Religious, Spiritual, and Secular Identity and Group Participation in U.S. College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Differences in Quality of Life and Psychological Distress
Author: Christopher R. Dabbs, Ph.D. (Knox College) and Carrie L. Winterowd, Ph.D. (Oklahoma State University)

Article 2:
Book Talk: Apocalypse without God: Apocalyptic Thought, Ideal Politics, and the Limits of Utopian Hope
Author: Reviewer's Response: Gregory Claeys (University of London) Author's Reply: Ben Jones (2022, Cambridge University Press)

Article 1:
Book Talk: Believing in South Central: Everyday Islam in the City of Angels
Author: Reviewer's Response: Omar McRoberts (University of Chicago) Author's Reply: Pamela J. Prickett (2021, University of Chicago Press)

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