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Editorial Board

Barbara Jones Denison
Sociology and Leadership Studies, Shippensburg University

Scott Draper
Sociology, The College Of Idaho

Amy Edmonds
Political Science, Milligan

Anthony J. Gill
Political Science, University of Washington

Massimo Introvigne
Center for the Study of New Religions, Turin, Italy

Peter Kivisto
Sociology, Augustana College

Ali Kose
Ilahiyat Fakultesi, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey

Graeme Lang
Anthropology, City University of Hong Kong (until Retirement in 2014)

Paul McKechnie
Classics, University of Auckland

Mansoor Moaddel
Sociology, University of Maryland-College Park

Anthony Pinn
Religion, Rice University

Edward Polson
Social Work, Baylor University

Chris Scheitle
Sociology, West Virginia University

Andrew Whitehead
Sociology, Clemson

Michael Williams
Comparative Religion, University of Washington

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