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Purpose of IJRR

IJRR was founded to publish very high quality, original research on religion by scholars, regardless of their field of specialization. Unfortunate accidents of history separated the social sciences into an archipelago of fields and departments. Efforts to break through these artificial barriers by publishing interdisciplinary journals have been handicapped because these publications have conferred less prestige to authors than have the best journals focused on a single field. Consequently, some of the most important articles published by the specialty journals are difficult for nonspecialists even to be aware of, let alone appreciate fully, while interdisciplinary journals have lacked the space needed to include the additional explanations, definitions, and context to make many important articles fully accessible to nonspecialists.

IJRR eliminates these barriers.

Being an on-line journal, IJRR can accept articles of substantial length.

Rapid Response
We promise to render a decision on all submissions within ten weeks.

Before publication, each article will receive first-rate, professional copy-editing, paid for by IJRR.

Rapid Publication
Each article will be published as soon as the editorial process is complete.

E-mails will be sent to all members of various professional organizations alerting them to a new paper of special interest. All registered users of the IJRR web site will be notified whenever a new paper is posted.

All articles will be copy-righted by IJRR, but authors are granted the right to reprint an article in whole or in part in any work written (or coauthored) or edited (or co-edited) by them. Others must obtain written permission from IJRR to reprint or electronically distribute an article.

Note: IJRR does NOT charge authors a publication fee.

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